Alex Oetzell

Though these states were smaller, they were equally as exciting as the rest, but a quicker area to cover. Often times in New England I would park while it was dark, not knowing the surrounding area, just a random rest stop or something, and wake up next to a beautiful forest or a lake, pleasantly surprised. I went into Philadelphia for a day, went to some markets and a Pizza shop called Rosa's Pizza. Rosas Fresh Pizza lets you buy as much pizza as you want, a dollar a slice, and you can also buy pizza for a stranger in need by giving them a dollar and putting a sticky note on the wall. Each sticky note is a voucher for a free slice of pizza for a hungry stranger. 

     after breakfast, all in fun, and they said goodbyes! Sunshine, the bus, was a huge reason why I got to meet so many people, she's a conversation starter, ice breaker and a breakdown beauty queen of an old bus. The night I slept overlooking the lake was so wonderful I fell asleep with my door wide open and woke up to the sun rising, a memory photo really, and can't do justice to the cool breeze blowing through at night, and the first rays of light waking you up.  

Another wonderful encounter I had was in Connecticut. I parked on Mohican land in a parking lot overlooking a lake. Another camper was there with a wonderful couple, Cami and her husband, and their puppy. I parked next to their camper and we drank margaritas and had a great evening watching a strawberry moonrise. They next day they kindly took me down to a breakfast buffet at the Mohican casino. We gambled a little bit 

One of those stops you're sad to see in the review mirror. In Rhode Island I made a tough decision and put the bus up for sale on Craigslist. While at a Starbucks using WiFi on my laptop, I struck up a conversation with a super cool film student. He needed a subject for a video for a scholarship entry and I needed some good photos of the bus to put on Craigslist. So we made a trade! He filmed and interviewed me, and sent me really cool photos of me and Sunshine. It was a hot day, and he captured a rawer side of a chick who hadn't showered in a few days, had an unkept bus, and was just kinda of sticking out like a sore thumb in New England. I love these photos and they came at a perfect moment. 

I also saw the liberty bell, very touristy. Ended the day at a sweet not-so-touristy spot, The Mutter Museum, a medical Museum of anatomical oddities and specimens in jars, bones, human mutations stuffed, recreated in wax, and photographed. I spent hours there as it was one of my favorite museums I've ever been to. Made my way though New York City, and to upstate where I was lucky enough to see some good folks I knew from San Diego! Pelly and Youssif took a very smelly Alex and made her very happy after a long week in New York City. I was shown the beauties of Upstate New York with amazing company. They lived in Poughkeepsie (Poh-kep-see).

We went hiking to waterfalls, explored small towns, made sangria and got to help make some AMAZING food with Youssif, since he's just graduating culinary school. There was no way I would have been able to explore upstate and see its true beauty without them! It was hot, hot, hot out, so I got a break from a hot bus and slept in an air conditioned apartment where I could see the bus right down below. 

Smaller States 

‚Äč(Delaware, New Jersey, Upstate NY, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island)