Alex Oetzell

I enjoyed the time I spent with them. During the day I escaped into downtown Santa Fe. Got to see the Georgia O'keeffe Museum. She's always been an idol of mine (I have a quote of hers on my homepage). There were some cool old churches to check out, but most of Santa Fe were wealthy older tourists. I went to a giftshop and bought some postcards, while I was scraping the bottom of my backpack to summon up the last of my change the woman next to me dropped 800 cash on a silver necklace. So I didn't blend in with the crowd, but it was a very artistic area. 

Just as I was leaving Santa Fe I got a reminder from an old friend that I had to check out the art collective MeowWolf before I left. So I headed over in the bus and coughed up 20 bucks for a ticket. Best 20 bucks I have ever spent. MeowWolf was amazing, really something else and right up my alley. I spent 3 hours there exploring what once was an old bowling alley and now is an artists playground basically. Stimulating all your senses to explore, solve the mystery and have a great time. MeowWolf is really hard to describe, but a super trip place I highly recommend. I headed out and into Texas on Route 66, stopping for a dip in the Blue hole of Santa Rosa, Mesalands Dinosaur museum and other oddball Route 66 gems. I find a lot of "worlds giant ball of yarn" places to take breaks while driving on the app Roadtrippers. It also helps me log where I've been and where I'm going. Speaking of, I'm currently in Texas and will include a map (from road trippers) of where My trip has taken me. 

I arrived in Santa Fe and posted up in a Sam's club parking lot for a few days. I enjoy big cities as much as I enjoy being out in nature. Its easy to find free camping on the road, rural areas or in small towns in Parks, designated free camp sights, BLM, etc, just do a little research. In the city I have to find Walmarts, Sams Clubs, fairgrounds, etc. I use an app for the cities called rvovernight. Anyway, in Santa Fe I was at a Sam's Club parking lot. Sometimes if there are other RVs or vans boondocking   I introduce myself. There was a man, his dog and his 13 year old here that were so friendly, they would invite me onto the roof of their Winnebago to watch the sunset every night. This young 13 year old girl was brilliant, creative and a coding wizard. 

This map does not include all my stops, but the blue line is the rough route I have taken. The reason I chose this route is because its all new places for me, places I have never been before. For instance, I have been to the Pacific Northwest, and Utah and Arizona. Doesn't mean I'll never get there in the bus, just means they are on the bottom of the list. Its been 3 months and 7 states. Next stop is New Orleans and the east coast. Don't forget, life begins where your comfort zone ends!

New Mexico

Driving into New Mexico with a brand spanking new transmission was pleasant. I passed through Taos, a small Native American town. It was a really cool town with lots of local artists. I had a great time till an older gentleman basically offered me free jewelry in exchange for some...special favors. I politely declined and on my way out the door he asked for a hug, and grabbed my bum, AWKWARD. Besides that, Taos was cool but I kept on rolling south to Santa Fe. The drive between Taos and Santa Fe was fantastic, along the Rio Grande all the trees were changing color and the river was just fantastic. I took the drive very slow and annoyed everyone around me. The bus is slow already, and I found out on this drive my speedometer reads 10mph slower than Im already going, so I go SLOW.