In this desert Oasis I got to see an old friend I studied Art with in Italy, and made a new one who I spend most of the burn hanging out with. Both Ezra and Myles are beautiful souls. I am honored to call them my friends.  


After Burning man wrapped up, we headed back to Reno to clean. Never have I seen shower water come off me look as dirty as chocolate milk. After Reno, my mom went home, and I continued on to the small towns of Winnemucca and Elko. Going through Nevada I experienced some lovely sunsets and big starry skies, but the I-80 did not have much else for me there, so I kept moving on to Idaho. 

Here is when I could honestly go on and on and on about my experience, but I'll keep it simple. Burning Man was incredible, from the art to the people, and being sorrounded by kindness, trading goods, and having a child like good time, I was in love. I picked up a volunteer position as a barista at Center Camp coffee shop, and got a chance to give back to the Playa. Between dust storms and making new friends, it was a long busy week, and an awesome learning experience. My time in the Nevada desert was well spent.

Alex Oetzell

Just as I planned, I arrived in Nevada in time to attend Burning Man. The weather was comfortably warm. On the drive into the desert I could see masses of vans, campers and busses migrating with furry bikes, and bars on the back to the desert. After staying with friends for a few days in Reno, I met up with my super amazing breast-cancer-fighting mother, and we took off for our first Burning Man experience.