Alex Oetzell

Mississippi and Alabama were two states I blew by quickly, just because I was following the gulf and each state has under 100 miles of road along the gulf. Leaving Louisiana for the first time in months I crossed into Mississippi. Spending my first night in the parking lot of the Space Center. The Space center owner 

​saw Sunshine the bus in the ​​parking lot, and we struck up a conversation. He has apparently just purchased a bus he was going to convert and we talked conversions for a while. He kindly let me post up overnight, then hooked me up with some free tours in the morning. I got to tour the shuttle testing launch pads and the rest of the Space Center. It was an incredible tour, and I was able to talk more the next day with him. We talked about careers and how not all job experience is gained in the workplace, and traveling is one way to get great experience that can be transferred into a place of work. I couldn't agree more. 

Mississippi & Alabama 

A lot. Besides a pleasant lunch alone in the quiet town of Mobil, the only memorable thing that happened in Alabama was the bus breaking down and getting towed by yet another person that had to tell me a person like me from California was in the "wrong part of town". Unfortunately, the mechanics did not know what was wrong with the bus, and after giving a half assed check under the hood, got the bus to start up and sent me on my way. So I just barley made it to Florida.. where I was doomed to break down.... again. Stay tuned. 

Moving on to Biloxi Mississippi, where I got to drive along the beach again and enjoy the sea. This part of the gulf is not very swimming friendly due to runoff. But I toured the Jefferson Davis house, and right when I got there I met an incredible outgoing guy, my age. He was the grounds manager for the house. After an awesome private tour of the grounds, we ended up getting beers and fried gator at a beach bar, and talked of life and love and all things. I camped on the beach that night and the next day joined him and some co-workers during their break for picnic of steak, beans and veggies I cooked right up in the bus. Solid company. Scenic drive, what could go wrong in Alabama?