Alex Oetzell

I left Salem feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The weight of selling sunshine to a good home was lifted and now, following the patriotically painted highway, I crossed into my final state, Maine. And all I had to do was emotionally and physically prepare myself for the beginning of the end of a grand journey. 

I spent a fair amount of time in Massachusetts. Took a beautiful drive around the flawless Cape Cod, got to lay on the Atlantic beaches and enjoy the perfect weather. I took a detour on the route towards Boston to check out Plymouth Rock, which I learned in elementary school was the spot where "America" was "Discovered". Although, there are a few cities in Flordia that greatly dispute this and claim they were first. Not like it really matters that much considering America did not just rise out of the ocean back in the 1600s. 

Art Deco. But the Mapparium was really amazing, a 3 story glass globe with an interesting concept; you are viewing the map from the inside out, standing in the middle, as if at the core of the earth, looking at the stained glass continents with some of the weirdest acoustics I've ever heard. I absolutely recommend seeing it. Photos are not allowed and the ones I snuck came out blurry so check it out here.

Salem is one town I have had a childlike fixation about, because of the witch trials, but never had gone to before. Salem really presented itself right away to be a weird place, starting off with a strange coincidence. I put the bus on Craigslist to sell in Portland, Maine, because in 3 months I was moving to Thailand (curse this wandering heart). When I pulled into Salem the sun was setting and I was getting ready to boon dock at a Walmart, when I got an email from a potential buyer who said he would like to check out the bus, but had to drive up to Portland from Salem to see it. I got in direct contact with him over the phone, and told him the funny thing was I was actually not in Portland, but in Salem. So he, and his girlfriend invited me over for drinks. This wonderful couple were close in age to me, were really awesome, and lived a block away from Salem center, and the Witch House herself. They wanted to buy the bus and be friends and it was all down current swimming from there. They showed me around Salem and cooked me bomb Vegan food. I got my cards read with them, and went on a really great historical tour of the city. Salem itself was a neat progressive town with giant Halloween parties (my favorite Holliday). I spent about 5 days there with Alex, Ariel, their roomate and Boston Terrier, LuLu. 

I took it easy at Wompatuck State park and camped out for a few nights, exploring the outer regions of Boston and its beauty. As well as ate the best clam chowder from local hole in the wall seafood shops. Read some books on the beach, really soaked up some lone time. 

I took a long hike at the "World's End" where I found a cool mirror sclupture, a beautiful skyline of Boston and a crazy dude tripping on some sorta drugs running around near nude. I met a few nice folks later on. I found myself kinda spewing out different variations of the same story this last 10 months of how I got here from San Diego and "yes I'm really alone and I feel safe 99% of the time". People always ask the same questions.

I checked out something really cool on the way out of the city on my first day, the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The Library itself is way cool, very 


I spent two rainy days in Boston, my final big city with Sunshine. I parked south of Boston and took the metro into the city, pretty easy. I looked around the Freedom Trail for a while, had some Indian food for lunch at Faneuil Hall, and played chess at the public tables. A 13 year old kid beat me, and I'm not a bad chess player. I played quite a bit on the bus table too.