I left Portland and shot for Bar Harbor. But, it was the week leading up to 4th of July, and all the camping in the area was full, and its a bit more tricky to boondock at a national park. I ended up staying at Megunticook Campground, a smige south of Bar Harbor, with the same iconic Maine views. I splurged and got myself a camp site in the woods, alone in a few days of storming. I packed all my stuff into boxes while constantly making tea, getting to wear jackets, and running the heater for the first time in 6 months, and went stumbling around rocky shores between thunderstorms, watching the larger than life storms push in and out of the woods. Then I met Seth and his family. 

The forks was a fucking blast. I could never thank Alex and Ariel enough. Every day consisted of white water rafting, and 4th of July shenanigans. Camping and drinking and more yummy vegan food. Some crazy hippies who lived in the woods in a small white water rafting town, with bugs of all kinds that bite you to death. The white water rafting was insane on its own, the rest really made for a good time. I got one last night in the bus; parked in a field, woods on all sides, moon shining in the curtains, live band playing at the bar across the road echoing in, and white water rafting guides knocking on the door to see what was up with the school bus that showed up. Everything was perfect, and I packed my bags, and boxes, and more bags. Moving out, I realized I had more stuff than I thought, collected in Sunshine's nooks and crannies. A years worth of clothes for the hottest summers days and coldest winter nights, and everything in between. We popped champagne and signed the title over, and I left Sunshine in good hands. I didn't ever think I'd get so attached to an inamiate object, but the bus was more than that to me. She was there every night for me, a bed and a true home of my own, that I built with my own hands. I loved that bus, but, the adventure was coming to an end...


Alex Oetzell

Seth reached out to me, he was working on the newly purchased campground his family had owned for a short period of time. They turned Megunticook Campground into a awesome welcoming property.  Seth showed me around, and I got to know the fam! They ended up trading me 4 free nights (and a bunch of free ice cream) for 2 chalk murals in the newly renovated check in office/hang out room. I had a blast doing the murals and staying with them. Had a lot of fun nights and even got to go on a boat adventure.  After hanging around Megunticook for over a week, making wonderful friends, I got on my final highway in the bus, and headed up to the Forks.

During my time in Maine I had very mixed emotions. Some days were a little sad since this was my final stop in the bus, and time to sell her. Maine was one of my favorite states to see, with some of the most wonderful folks I met on this trip. But I was selling the bus, and it was all coming to an end, so you can see how mixed up it was! I started in Portland, where I knew someone living there from high school. I ended up parking outside her and her boyfriends place for a week, cleaning and organizing the bus, and seeing the lovely sights in Portland. They showed me a great time. We toured distilleries, went to awesome nature spots, and kayaked in Sebago Lake. The weather was perfect, and the water was refreshing. I got to unwind and see sunsets and enjoy great company during a kind of mellow dramatic time.