If you are looking for free camping, http://freecampsites.net is the place to look! They can be uncrowded and in nice locations. Pipeline access campground was on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land and was right off the highway but on a very quiet river. I was the only one there! Seek out BLM and other free spots! Worth it!

Alex Oetzell

Idaho was simply pleasant, but I spent a lot of time alone here. Found some lovely free camping spots, quirky places and kind folks. At a farmers market my first day there was the first time I had ever seen an unwaxed apple! Very random but stood out to me. I did eat great produce.


I rode my bike to see Twin Falls, some very cool looking waterfalls. Two miles out on my bike somehow BOTH my bike tires popped. So with two flats I so stubbornly pushed my bike for an hour till I got to the waterfall. But that was really no problem because the trees were just starting to change to yellow and the weather was awesome! I did get to the falls but eventually had to hitchhike back to the bus and come back for the sad looking bike.