nap in the bus I grooved up to St. Augustine. There I scaled the windy lighthouse, roamed around the cute little town, got caught in a storm and eventually crossed into Georgia. The only thing I was bummed on was missing the Keys, Miami and Everglades, but that will always be there. Ill be back Florida...

After family went home, I headed south and made the call to not go all the way down to the Keys, (though I wanted to so badly) It was time to head North. I kayaked some mangrove tunnels down on the west coast, then cut across Florida camping for a few nights at lake Okeechobee at a fabulous free campground with hot showers. Got the bus washed by a local girls basketball team. I went spear fishing in west Palm Beach for the first time in my life. All I was looking for 

I did take a side trip from Orlando to Havana, Cuba. I organized a fundraiser for art supplies and brought them over with me to an elementary school. I only spend 3 days in Havana but highly recommend the visit. It was one of the most insightful trips I have even been on. When I got back to Orlando I visited the Jack Kerouac house, made some friends there and then moved on to Jacksonville. There I got drunk with 2 wonderful women I met at 11 am on a tour of the Budwiser Brewery. After a sobering  

Along the way I swam roadside fresh water springs. I visited my good college buddy Kenzy who works for Rustic Pathways, and recommended me to La Chua Trail where I saw wild horses and gators. I drove straight down to Tampa to see Hannah and Travis, more college friends and see the city while waiting for my sister to fly into Tampa for her spring break.

was a lion fish and I got a little one. Heres why...  After West Palm Beach, its north till Maine.  

Stranded on an island ... or the closest I might come to being stranded on an island was my first two days into

(Currently Experincing)

to dive was a treat. The squeeze throughs were very tight at some points. 


Exchange. While my sister was in town we back tracked to Tarpon springs, a funky sponge "hunting" town, populated heavily by Greek folks (great food), and to Weeki Wachee for the Mermaid shows, which were very impressive. Then we camped outside of Crystal River, and kayaked and swam with gentle sea cows in the wild. The next day we headed up to Devils den and Blue grotto to go Scuba Diving, and then drove long haul back to Tampa. 

I graduated SDSU two years ago and it's unbelievable to visit the people I studied with, off starting wonderful chapters of their lives all over the world. I love seeing what direction everyone is headed.  Hannah and Travis took me to a Yacht Club, Dali Museum and to Oxford 

Alex Oetzell

the Florida panhandle. Yet, can't complain too much, I was only "stranded" for about 24 hours waiting for tow trucks that could not find me. Santa Rosa island was beautiful, and I can not claim cast away when I have a stove, food and bed. The bus broke down and got stuck in a sandy shoulder. I ended up getting a friendly pick up truck & rope tow to the next beach turn out. When AAA couldn't find me I just spent the night and ended up dealing with it all the next day. Got a real tow to the only person in town I hear could fix the bus on a Sunday. I ended up in a trailer park type of area getting work done. This guy fixed the bus from his front yard and did an AMAZING job, and only charged me nickels and dimes. I continued to Gainesville. 

Aside from getting Narked on the last dive in a squeeze through, I loved the cave diving. The water is 72 year round. I was surprised by how outrageously clear the fresh water is basically everywhere I stopped in Florida, so getting