In 2013 I spent one month volunteering in South Africa. I spent the month lesson planning and instructing art classes at a middle school and an orphanage in GVI. I led step by step art projects in paints, pastels and mixed media. My personal experience in the township was humbling and unforgetable. Working in South Africa stoked the fire to travel and helped shape my ideals to focus on sharing art instead of focusing on selling my art. 

Pictured above......

75 pens
192 pencils
125 pencil erasers
10 coloring books
150 seeds of colored paper
3 watercolor pallets
14 pink erasers
200 colored pencils
80 markers
520 crayons
24 jumbo crayons
6 glue sticks
18 sheets of stickers
4 blunt succors2 sandals, 2 packs of wet wipes and a tiny bit of candy

Crayons 4 Cuba

For Christmas 2015 I independently created a fundraiser with a goal of raising $1,000 for Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach. Thank you to everyone who donated art supplies to the Children's ward.  We purchased new markers, paints, paper, stickers, paints coloring books and more.

 Art Supplies for Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach  

       Thank you to everyone who helped raise $500 for art supplies for Cedars International Academy. Cedars is an open enrollment, tuition-free public charter school serving grades PreK – 7th grade. It's are a small community of teachers, staff, and families committed to preparing children for the future. Cedars located in North Austin, Texas and is a title one school meaning that most students come from low-income families. 

         In the art studio you will find students hard at work on projects ranging from drawing to sculpture to incorporating technology into the arts. Ms.Moore, the teacher has students ranging from pre k-7th grade, and now they have new pencils, erasers, paper, watercolor, paintbrushes, charcoal, sharpeners and much more! Below are photos from after the fundraiser where Ms.Moore let me come and help teach a project with the new art supplies. 


Current: Christmas and New Years Donations for Bangkok Orphanage

Alex Oetzell

South African Township; Teaching Art to Children 

In May 2017 I visited Havnana, Cuba. Thanks to donations I was able to bring $200 with of art supplies with me! They were brought to Rafael Angel Primary School in Havnana Center to some very excited students. Unfourntaly photos inside were not allowed.

Austin, Texas Art Supplies for  Cedars School

This Holliday season I am working with Baan Nokkamin Foundationto donate directly to 53 sponsored orphaned children in Bangkok living at the Baan Nokkamin Foundation.  All funds raised will be used to purchase small necessities, school supplies and some art supplies separated into 53 backpacks, one for each child. Bags of rice and dried goods will also be donated to Baan Nokkamin Foundation. This food will be cooked by the foundation to feed the 53 orphaned children 3 meals a day. To find out more about Baan Nokkamin Foundationvisit their site here.
The goal is to raise 600$ USD. The more money raised the more we can purchase.
The current exchange rate for the US dollar to Thai Baht is $1= ฿32.59, 
So a little donation will go a long way.
Right now 5k of rice is ฿140 or a little over $4. When buying in bulk it will be even less expensive.

The 53 bags of school supplies for all the kids will include school supplies like...
-Pencils, pens and erasers
-Small sharpeners
-Note pads and coloring books
-Glue sticks
-Colored pencils, crayons and colored pens.
-A backpack.
-Socks and shoes
-toothbrushes and toothpaste
and more.....

Thank you so much Happy Holidays and Happy New Years form the beautiful Thailand.