Alex Oetzell

​      I have been passionate about art all my life. I draw or paint, whatever I please.  In school my primary areas of focus were painting, drawing and wood cut stamping. I also enjoyed working in many other mediums such as with ceramics, metal, photography and printing. I grew up in Los Angeles but am currently Thailand based. I graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelors in Studio Art in 2015. My final year of University I spent studying in Florence, Italy. I attended CSU Firenze took studio classes at Accademia d'belle arte and the Scuola del nudo. I then traveled the USA in a van and I'm currently teaching in Samut Songskram, Thailand. Since 2014 I have been working on different projects and fundraisers.


         Art is my way of expressing myself. From the moment I was old enough to hold a pencil to my current age of 25 I have always turned to art, and I enjoy seeing others doing the same. Art is something we all share and experience together. I also strongly believe that everyone is an artist no matter who they are or where they are from, or "how good" or "how bad" they think they are.  My future goal is to start a non-profit supporting the arts. I want to help guarantee everyone should get an opportunity to let art change their lives, as it has mine.​

         My after graduating SDSU I bought a school bus to rv/camper conversion. I took off in August of 2016 to travel around the United States and touch bases with various low income schools, offering donations of art supplies and a free art class.In late September of 2017 I left the United States for Thailand to teach English classes. Check out some independent fundraisers under "Charity" on the web page menu... and  Stay tuned!

 Who is Alex Oetzell?